A new style, new logo and new content to talk about our Company

Patient Journey Solutions – smart digital systems that improve the services and efficiency of healthcare facilities – and Data Driven Decisions – data acquisition and interpretation of structured and unstructured data to improve clinical governance – are the two key areas of Artexe geared to a forward-looking evolution of its communication and style.

After the merger between Artexe and the Maps group, recently listed on the AIM, the Artexe brand graphics moved closer to the Maps Group style as a sign of the unity of the group and the shared goal of continuous growth in e-health. Along with the new brand came the new portal www.artexe.com, where the refreshed style reflects the technical evolution, enhanced by a selection of evocative images of hospitals applying the digital approach.

Today, the wealth of knowledge in digital information management is even greater, and the provision of cutting-edge solutions for governance and resource optimization has also reached foreign markets. The services are increasingly numerous and assistance faster. The pay-off chosen to indicate this acceleration is Healthcare Digital Architects: Artexe is thus presented as a great team of designers and  makers of advanced solutions.
In addition to the graphic restyling, the new website – modern and functional – brings a wider range of information, with detailed explanations on the possibility of tapping unstructured data, on the solutions for each clinical area and service, on the cooperative working methods geared to system integration, on the ability to provide specific software or complex systems tailored to each healthcare facility.